Strange girl in a strange land...or Skyk

Facebook is gross...

I miss what LJ used to be. So here I am, again.

In current news, I still love doing hair. Like, really love. A lot.

In other current news, I managed to recreate my all time favorite cookie! Guys, this is big news!

Married life is great! I'm domestic, I'm a step-mom, I still love my career and I am happy.
Strange girl in a strange land...or Skyk


It's been about 12 seconds (a few days) since I went Facebook dark...I feel lighter! For real. I let the toxicity of the news, misinformed story shares, judgmental'ness and all around yuck, creep it's way into my forefront rather than keep it in my periphery.

I kinda feel like I'm on vacation. Ha! It's kinda nice not knowing what's going on in the world.
Strange girl in a strange land...or Skyk

One down...

One to go! I might not leave the house tomorrow. I certainly have no plans of speaking to anyone.

I'm planning on a day of Downton and crocheting. I am SO excited!

It's the little things in life that make me happy.
Strange girl in a strange land...or Skyk

Facebook, ugh.

I decided to avoid Facebook for a time. I find it to be really toxic, full of misinformation and generally yucky.

Between work stress and changes in my personal life, I just can't deal with Facebook. The only reason I'm not deleting my account is because I like playing candy crush. Ha! Hey, a gal needs her games!

As for the changes? Mickey's ex-wife finally moved back with his kids. I, of course am expecting the worst of behaviors from her.

So hey, hello LJ. I'm back to dump my thoughts into you!
Strange girl in a strange land...or Skyk


She would have been 60 years old today. I did fine until I realized that. I'm not sure why 60 makes it so much more of a punch in the gut, but it does.

I would have given her such a hard time about turning 60! Ha! I miss her. I miss her laugh, her smell, her sass, her love, her humor, her faults and her strengths.

Sixty years old.
Strange girl in a strange land...or Skyk

Tits and Ass

I am not a skinny-mini. I never, ever will be. I dress myself in a manner that accentuates my smallish waist and hides my womanly hips. I need to celebrate my curves more.

I need to remind myself of this more.
Strange girl in a strange land...or Skyk


I've made my first Wedding Dress Shopping appointment! Eeeeeeee!

I'm also working with a custom shoe place. WHAT?!?!?! I KNOW!

Ahhhh maaaah gaaaad! I'm getting married!